1. Oil terminal was built in the begining of 2003 and fully meets all safety rules and regulations of European Union.

2. With a moorage depth of 5.2m, it is suitable for vessels with draft of 4.5m.

3. Tank park total cargo capacity is 8400 m3:

  • One tank of 3000m3 for HFO
  • Two tanks of 2000m3, one for MGO, another for HFO
  • One tank of 1000m3, mostly for HFO, but usable for MGO
  • Two tanks of 200m3, any kind of fuel.

4. It is possible to store maximum of 6000m3 of HFO and 2000m3 of MGO at terminal at the same time.

5. The blending utility - FLEX (producer - CBI) is installed at the terminal (not aboard the bunkering barge) to produce all grades of HFO.

6. Pump rate from oil terminal to bunkering barge is 250m3/h.

7. The product is delivered by railway and 12 railcars can be discharged at the same time.

8. Discharging the railcars with HFO is conducted by heating of heavy fuel. The terminal is equipped with boiler-house, which is used for heating up HFO in a special technological tank. This technology allows us not to increase water presence in result product.

9. The pipeline system and storage capacities for HFO are heated by electrical thermal cable. The temperature of heating is regulated and can be increased up to 60C.